About Us

Discover Which Law Schools Are In Your Future!

How I Compare (HIC) is a cloud based recruitment and enrollment platform for students looking to enter Law School.  The HIC platform allows Pre-Law Students to enroll into HIC, for FREE, to identify their best fit law schools for which to apply, Scholarship dollars available and financial aid likelihood. HIC uses a proprietary REAL TIME Algorithm to generate an individually customized and always up to date HIC LIST. 

With HIC, Pre-Law Students and Law School Admissions teams now have available to them a first ever platform where they can research, locate and even directly communicate (via a private chat feature) with each other to create a more seamless and individually customized recruitment.

Click Here to create a student profile and generate your HIC LIST.

Highlighted Features:

• Individual HIC LIST calculated by our proprietary algorithm and is constantly updated Real Time

• Individual User Profile Page for more accurate HIC List results

• Follow students “similar” to you and keep track of their application process

• Individual Law School profile pages where you can explore and learn about all 200+ Law Schools with detailed statistics, graphs, charts, and information.

• HIC Chat Portal. The HIC Chat feature will allow HIC Student Users and Law Schools to directly communicate with each other

• The Legal Beat: A daily blog with stories related to Law and Law School.

• FREE LSAT Prep Course and a 1L orientation lecture series in partnership with Casebriefs.