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University of New Hampshire School of Law

Class of 2018 - Snapshot 471 Completed Applications 288 Offers 61% Acceptance Rate 88 Enrolled The University of New Hampshire School of Law, an intimate, innovative law school, is committed to developing students who enjoy challenging dialogue from the first moments of orientation, embrace practice-based learning, grow through the collegiality of a 12:1 student/faculty ratio, and stand ready to join the ranks of alumni who are global leaders in intellectual property, general practice, public policy, and commerce and technology. Our Legal Residency program allows students to work in their fields of interest for up to a full semester while receiving credit and our Daniel Webster Scholar Honors Program is the only practice-based bar exam alternative in the nation. Our location in Concord, New Hampshire’s capital, and our status as the state’s only law school offer numerous pro bono, externship and Federal Work Study experiences, too. UNH School of Law constantly updates its technology and programs to ensure that graduates are prepared to practice today’s law.

Contact Info

Address: 2 White St, Concord, NH 03301
Admission Phone: (603) 513-5300
Admission Email: [email protected]

2018 Quick Overview

The Below Data Compiled By: The American Bar Association 

Student-faculty ratio9:1
Tuition $37,383 per year (full-time, in-state)
$41,383 per year (full-time, out-of-state)
N/A per year (part-time, in-state)
N/A per year (part-time, out-of-state)
Tuition Guarantee Program0
Estimated Living Expenses$20,877
Founded In1974
ABA AccreditedYes
Application deadline04/01/19
Full-time program application fee$ 0
Financial Aid Deadline03/01/19
Can first years start other than fall?No

Academic Year

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Under Represented Minority
International Applicant
Non-Traditional Applicant
Member of the Armed Forces

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University of New Hampshire School of Law

Real Time Applicant Admissions Data

University of New Hampshire School of Law

Real Time HIC User Applicant Status Admissions Data


Username LSAT GPA Status Scholarship Sent Received Decision Updated
fartyjacobbishops 159 A 3.60


Yes 02/27/20 03/18/20 - 10 months ago
tiarabertram 165 A 3.04


Yes 03/01/16 03/01/16 03/05/16 5 years ago
poop1234321 172 A 1.40

Interested In Applying

- - - 3 years ago
gioshep 167 P 2.90

Interested In Applying

- - - 4 years ago
dude 162 A 3.41

Interested In Applying

12/01/16 - - 4 years ago
charrington912 160 P 3.35

Interested In Applying

- - - 5 years ago
mtbmatt 160 A 2.82

Interested In Applying

- - - 5 years ago
japowell2 160 P 3.50


- - - one year ago
Total Full-Time Part-Time
Number of Applicants463463
Number of Offers263263
Number of Matriculants7474
75% GPA3.653.65
Median GPA3.393.39
25% GPA3.153.15
75% LSAT159159
Median LSAT157157
25% LSAT155155
2018 Scholarship Data
Total Number of Students207
Total Students Receiving Grants203
% of Students Receiving Grants98
75% Grant Amount$37,100
Median Grant Amount$25,000
25% Grants Amount$15,000
Scholarships awarded based on maintaining a certain academic performance
Offering Conditional Scholarships:Yes
Students Entering With a Scholarship0
Eliminated (Students who lost scholarship)0
% of Students Who Lost Scholarship0

  • % of Total Less Than Half Tuition (37)
  • % of Total Half to Full Tuition (35)
  • % of Total Full Tuition (26)
  • % of Total More than Full Tuition (0)

2018 Ethnicity Statistics

  • White (65)
  • Hispanics (3)
  • Black or African American (0)
  • Asian (3)
  • American Indian / Native (0)
  • Other (1)
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander Total (0)
  • Two or more races Total (1)
  • Nonresident Alien Total (3)
  • Race and Ethnicity Unknown Total (1)

  • Total Women% (51)
  • Total Men% (48)
University of New Hampshire School of Law Bar Exam Statistics
YearTakersPass%State Average%Average Pass Difference%
2017 60 93.33%
2016 72 83.33%
2015 68 89.71%

Total Graduates 2017

  • Employed Bar Exam Required (90)
  • Employed J.D. Advantage (10)
  • Employed Other (5)
  • Unemployed (7)
  • Pursuing Graduate Degree (2)

The Above Data Compiled By:  The American Bar Association